Building the Future – Small Cell Construction

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Small cell construction

Over the summer, 5G mobile technology has become available in a few cities across the nation. If you are unfamiliar with 5G, it is the next generation of wireless technology. It has the ability to change the landscape of many industries, such as game streaming services, physical therapy, home internet, and more. The advancement and creation of more ground-breaking technology will develop as 5G technology grows.

Small cell construction makes 5G speed and connectivity possible. We use the most innovative technologies to create small cell solutions.

Small Cell Solutions

Small cell construction is bridging the gap between the previous mobile generations. Installed every few blocks, the nodes have roughly a 1,500-foot radius/service area, forming a high-density network. Small cell sites also utilize mid– and high-band spectrum to send more data at faster speeds. So instead of one large tower to cover a massive area, it is broken down into small cell sites.

Your small cell construction project benefits from the knowledge and experience of the Comlink team. We provide high-level project management and consulting services, plus strategic cost-effective guidance in the design, build, and maintenance of your systems.

Our small cell construction services include:

  • Small cell installation
  • RF optimization
  • Network carrier backhaul
  • Testing/troubleshooting
  • Indoor and outdoor Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
  • Network equipment installation

Let us help set up your network from start to finish. Comlink Midwest also provides fiber optic network solutions and utility construction.

Our small cell technicians regularly take part in training and educational courses. This allows them to stay on the cutting edge of technology, ensures we stay current and provide the best testing practices available, and allows your system to run at peak performance.

Small Cell Construction Careers

Ready to help us build the mobile network of tomorrow? As 5G and small cell construction expands, we are always looking for the right people to join our team. We value our employees as our most important resource.

At Comlink Midwest, we foster a safe and friendly work environment with a “work hard, play hard” attitude. We take care of our employees and their families by providing a competitive total compensation program and a comprehensive benefits package. Visit our Careers page for current openings and apply today!