Mission & Values

Exceeding customer expectations

At Comlink Solutions, our primary aim is to deliver an exceptional business experience to our valued customers, and we firmly believe that this journey commences right at our corporate headquarters in Minneapolis, MN. We are dedicated to surpassing customer expectations, a goal we can only achieve by first exceeding the expectations of our own employees. As a family-owned and operated company, we wholeheartedly embrace an employee-centric culture rooted in principles of honesty and a longstanding tradition of hard work.

Our unwavering faith in both our customers and team members fuels our commitment to their success. We dedicate ourselves to recruiting and retaining the industry's finest talents, recognizing that our exceptional staff members provide us with a distinct competitive edge. We acknowledge that investing in our people is essential to becoming the foremost contractor in fiber optic, wireless and utility systems.


We pledge to not only meet but consistently surpass the expectations of our employees, customers, and the community, with their well-being always at the forefront.

Employee Satisfaction:
We are resolute in fostering a culture characterized by respect and openness, recognizing that our employees are our most valuable resource.

We are committed to delivering the highest quality services within the industry.

Our policies and procedures will consistently reflect honesty, ethics, legality, and professional standards, earning and upholding the trust of our employees and customers.

While valuing individualism, diversity, and creativity, we actively promote teamwork among our employees.

We expect accountability with clear requests and mutually agreed-upon conditions of satisfaction.

Community Involvement:
We are dedicated to responsible corporate citizenship, actively contributing to the prosperity of our communities.

Financial Responsibility:
We manage our finances prudently, aiming to enhance the company's value and long-term presence.