2019 Governor’s Workplace Safety Award – Outstanding Achievement

Posted by Comlink Solutions

We are very happy to announce that Comlink Midwest has received the Governor’s Workplace Safety Award for excellence in workplace health and safety for the second consecutive year. It was awarded as part of the 2020 MN Safety & Health Conference on October 19 and 20. Due to COVID-19, the event was held virtually this year, and the Minnesota Safety Council teamed up with the South Dakota Safety Council to provide this live experience online.

About the Governor’s Workplace Safety Award

Applicants must submit workplace accident/injury data for the previous three years to be compared with national statistics relative to their industry. Along with this information, judges will assess the company’s progress in implementing a comprehensive safety program to determine if they will receive an award or not.

Award Levels

Winners of the award are recognized at three levels:

  • Meritorious Achievement: Incidence rates better than the industry average for at least three years and a score between 50 and 74 on the 100-point Safety Program Evaluation Scorecard.
  • Outstanding Achievement: Continuing improvement and/or furtherance of an already outstanding record with incident rates 51 to 90 percent better than the industry average and a score between 75 and 90 on the Safety Program Evaluation Scorecard.
  • Award of Honor: Incidence rates at least 91 percent better than the industry average and a score between 91 and 100 on the Safety Program Evaluation Scorecard, which is based largely on each company’s own employees’ feedback.

Companies must achieve the awards in order and cannot skip (i.e. must have earned the Meritorious Achievement Award to be considered for an Outstanding Achievement Award; must have earned an Outstanding Achievement Award to be considered for the Award of Honor).

Having received the Meritorious Achievement Award last year and Outstanding Achievement this year, Comlink Midwest remains on track for the ultimate goal: the Award of Honor. We’ve always prioritized the health and safety of our employees. We take great pride in receiving recognition of these efforts, and we know it’s all due to the talented, hardworking individuals on our team.

“We recognize our employees as our company’s greatest asset and we are determined to provide a safe, healthy environment for our team members and partners,” said Comlink Midwest’s Vice President of Operations, Kris DiMercurio. “We challenge our employees to take personal ownership of health and safety in the workplace. This award confirms they continuously accept and conquer that challenge every day, and I couldn’t be prouder of our team.”

We want to thank everyone at Comlink for their continued dedication to safety for every job, every day. With everyone’s hard work and commitment, we’re confident that we can make that final step and achieve the Award of Honor and be recognized as one of the best in the industry!

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