Health & Safety

We are a proud recipient of the 2019 Governor’s Workplace Safety Award for Meritorious Achievement from the Minnesota Safety Council. This award for exemplary workplace safety recognizes companies that have had incident rates better than the industry average for at least three years.

Health & Safety

Comlink Solutions is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for both our employees, customers, partners and the community.

Dedicated to top-tier performance on behalf of our customers, it is our goal to ensure no individual is exposed to unmitigated hazards or risks to health and safety, while striving to foster a competitive advantage.

Responsible management, as well as an adherence to health and safety standards, policies, and procedures is crucial to the success of the Health & Safety Program.

Comlink Solutions holds to the expectation that every employee will share in the ownership of this effort by remaining steadfast in pursuit of the following:

  • Compliance with applicable federal, state, and local regulations;
  • Provision of adequate resources for the effective implementation of health and safety standards, policies, and procedures;
  • Respectful consideration of both the environment and public domain in which we conduct our business, which requires the active participation of every employee;
  • Prompt, detailed incident notification and reporting to ensure both response and corrective action, where necessary, and;
  • Practical application of training and instruction provided via multiple platforms, i.e. classroom, field assessments, knowledge sharing, etc.

Safety & Culture vs. Numbers

Comlink Solutions empowers our employees to take ownership of personal safety and align their actions with our core values and the expectations of our customers and the communities we serve.

As our employees work hard to deliver in often demanding situations, Comlink Solutions understands safety culture holds greater significance than numbers in a report. We wholly support leaders focused on continuous, sustainable improvement.

With a positive mindset and commitment to safety, our employees consciously strive to work safely and promote the most effective strategies each day.


What our employees have to say

The objective is to make sure my crew goes home after every shift to the very reasons they go to work every day.
– Lead Fiber Splicing Technician

It includes me being responsible for my crew and making sure their families and mine don’t have to worry about whether we’re coming home at the end of the day.
– Underground Construction Foreman

We’re expected to know our role, the equipment we’re given, and the environment around us, so we can count on one another to keep our crews and the public safe.
– Underground Construction Laborer II

It’s a measure of how committed the company is to an employee’s training and development.
– Sr. Fiber Splicing Technician

In the end, we’re a team, so it’s an opportunity for us to mentor and help others to work safely and avoid having to learn things the hard way.
– Underground Construction Operator III

We’ve got to respect the dangers inherent to our jobs, which means being aware and taking the safe approach versus what might be an easier, or quicker, alternative. Speed means nothing if it results in a loss.
– Lead Fiber Splicing Technician

It’s planning the work and thinking two steps ahead of my crews to make sure they’re not suddenly in a bad spot and having to react to that.
– Underground Construction Field Supervisor